De Novo Genome Assembly Workshop

Date and Location:

The workshop is held at the Uppsala Biomedical Center, Uppsala, Sweden, on November 20-22 2018.

Course Purpose:

This workshop is primarily aimed at researchers getting into their first de novo assembly project, but also includes information for the more experienced researcher. We cover the assembly of both prokaryotes and eukaryotes, and spend time learning how to run and interpret analyses through computer exercises and lectures. Participants are taken through all steps of genome assembly, from quality assessment of data, through assembly, to validation of assemblies. After the course, the student will be familiar with common practices in genome assembly projects, and how to deal with common pitfalls.


This is an advanced course. Participants must be comfortable navigating a Linux shell and executing programs from the command line. Previous experience from working with NGS data is beneficial. Applicants are encouraged to bring their own laptops, but there will be computers to use for participants unable to do so.

Due to limited space the course can accommodate a maximum of 14 participants.

Test your Unix comfort with these exercises: NGS Introduction - Introduction to Linux

Where to apply:

Please follow the link here: SciLifeLab Events Page - De Novo Genome Assembly