Online classroom

Zoom and Zulip

The course is run with Zoom and Zulip



We have created

  • rooms in Zoom:

    • Main
    • Quiet
    • Group: t-tasters
    • Group: Bootstrappers
    • Group: Integrators
    • Group: summaTHORs
    • Q&A 1
    • Q&A 2
    • Q&A 3
    • Extra 1
    • Extra 2
    • Extra 3
    • Extra 4
    • Extra 5


  • Zulip streams:

    • Announcements (for org. announcements if needed)
    • General (for anything that is not about the course content)
    • Day-01 (for discussing content on Monday)
    • Day-02 (for discussing content on Tuesday)
    • Day-03 (for discussing content on Wednesday)
    • Day-04 (for discussing content on Thursday)
    • Day-05 (for discussing content on Friday)

Where should you be and when (rule of thumb)

live stream

  • Zoom main room to listen and talk
  • Zulip D1 on Monday, D2 on Tuesday etc. to discuss in writing

group sessions

  • Zoom group rooms
  • check your group allocation on Zulip -> Announcements -> Groups

exercises choose to do whatever works best for you (anything goes)

  • Main room on Zoom to stay connected
  • Quiet room on Zoom to stay connected but work in peace
  • Group room: stay with your group
  • Join another group if your group members have disappeared and you do not like to be alone
  • Extra rooms (1-5) if you’ve found someone you want to discuss with
  • Offline

stuck with exercises? Choose:

  • Main room: to ask questions (be brave, we all benefit from hearing your question)
  • Write on Zulip under D1, D2 etc. (be brave)
  • You are not having a brave day: ask anyone on the teaching team directly on Zulip Psss…Eva, Payam and Bengt are statistical geeks and Mun-Gwuan, Nima and Lucile are super helpful

Note: you should be able to move between break out room. Try updating your Zoom if this is not the case.

Cameras and photos

  • please have your cameras on during online session and group sessions
  • please mute yourselves during lectures when not talking
  • please update your profiles on Zulip with a photo
  • it is OK to disconnect during exercises