We are excited to announce the fifth edition of our International Workshop on R for Bioinformatics!

This year RaukR comes back to Visby!

The 2023 RaukR will be a two week workshop and this year you will get the opportunity to learn R from internationally renowned R wizards and senior bioinformatics staff from NBIS/SciLifeLab and posit (formerly RStudio). We believe that RaukR will take your bioinformatics R analysis and visualization skills to a new level, so do not miss out on this unique opportunity!

Guest speakers

Jenny Bryan — software engineer at posit, data science professor at UBC
Max Kuhn — software engineer at posit
Yihui Xie — software engineer at posit (online)
Christophe Dervieux — software engineer at posit (online)

Main Organizers

Marcin Kierczak — Bioinformatics Data Scientist at NBIS
Sebastian DiLorenzo — Bioinformatics Data Scientist at NBIS
Roy Francis — Bioinformatics Data Scientist at NBIS

In Life Science and Bioinformatics R is increasingly being used to transform and analyse data, perform statistical analysis and produce publication-ready visualizations. This workshop will focus on advanced R functionality to increase the participants skillset and understanding of what is possible to do today. This year, we will also focus on advanced statistics and machine learning for bioinformatics using R.